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HVAC Advice from the Pros -

a series of guest posts about HVAC maintenance, repairs and issues by the folks at The PickHVAC site has a wealth of information about heating and cooling systems and should be in every homeowners bookmarks list. This is the first of what I hoemwill be many guest posts from the PickHVAC folks.

Furnace Replacement Guide Homeowners Can Use Today

It can be difficult to determine the best time to replace a furnace system. Unless yours completely breaks down, there is still hope for it to be saved. The problem is knowing whether or not it is still worth saving given its current condition. As an owner, you, of course, wonder whether the best decision is to go for a replacement or repair for the furnace system.

Here are key areas you need to look out for to determine whether you need a replacement or a repair.

Age of your system is a factor. How old is your furnace system? All machines have an average life span, which means that they will function properly and without fail only for a certain amount of time. During the latter years of that life span, the machine will eventually show signs of wear and tear, becoming more and more damaged. For furnace systems, the average life span is between 12 to 15 years. If your system suffers major damage at this point in its life, a replacement might be a better option.

Frequency of repairs. You need to consider how often the system needs repair. This usually goes along with the age issue (older systems tend to need more repairs). However, frequent repairs may also be needed by newer systems, which can pose an issue regarding quality.

Inefficient energy use. Furthermore, if you also notice that your bills are higher than normal when you use for furnace system, it might be a cause for concern. This incident can mean that the system isn’t properly using energy, and such instances may require either a repair or a complete replacement depending on the frequency of the issue.

Poor indoor air quality. Also, the furnace system is designed to produce quality warm air. However, if you are not getting refreshing warmth in your room, and you oftentimes find yourself having to turn off the furnace system because of odd smells and even as far as illnesses caused from such smells, a replacement might be needed.

The system has malfunctions. Now, this issue is case-dependent. If your system suffers from one incident and never happens again for a long time, a repair might be a better option. The opposite is true regarding the need for a complete replacement. Some of the malfunctions that may arise over time include the frequent and random turning on and off the entire system and a failure to bring enough warmth to a room.

Unusual noises. If all goes well, your furnace system should not emit any noise whatsoever. Anything out of the ordinary would be immediately noticed; again, the frequency of the occurrence of these “noises” should be your guide in choosing between having the system repaired or replaced.

The furnace system is an important part of one’s home. It is a machine that ensures that you get fresh air within your confines. The decision on whether you should get a replacement or a repair for your furnace system is dependent on two things: the issue and the frequency of the issue. If you notice that you have to deal with the above concerns more often than you should (for older machines, check-ups are needed at least once a year), then a replacement might be the best solution for you. However, if you are dealing with single instances of these problems occurring, then a repair might come in handy.

Out of sight - out of mind is an old saying that certainly applies to your HVAC system. Many homeowners just don’t think about doing regular maintenance on their systems and wait instead for it to break. It never breaks down at a convenient time, by the way. Here is an infographic to help you do the right things in terms of HVAC maintenance from Roy Bradshaw, an HVAC specialist based in Sacramento, CA.

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