• Get pre-approved

Find a good mortgage person and get your mortgage pre-approval lined up. This will help you “get real” about what you can afford and will prepare you, so that you can make an offer when you do find the right house.

 Your Realtor can probably recommend 2-3 good mortgage agents to call.

  • Find a good Realtor®

The real estate process is not rocket science, but it is something that you probably don’t know enough about. You need a guide, a Realtor to help you through the process.

To understand why having your own real estate agent is important, read this article -


More helpful hints and tips about the real estate process in future posts.

For a more in-depth post about things to do before you start looking see the article that I posted to one of my web site - http://www.themilfordteam.com/before-looking.html

Norm Werner is a Realtor® working for Real Estate One in Milford, Michigan. Norms helps people buy and sell houses in Southeastern Michigan, in Oakland, Livingston and Macomb Counties You can contact Norm about finding a new home or about getting a Market Analysis for your current home by texting  or calling him at 248-763-2497 or click here to go to his web site and fill out Help Form for buyers and sellers.

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My first house—Helpful hints before you start looking

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I get it that you can search for a house on-line by yourself. Great! Go for it; however, buying your first house involves a lot more than just finding something that you like on line. Navigating through the real estate process to get to closing on that house is an involved process that is not all that easy.

Here are some tips to help you get the right start, before you start searching for houses.

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Write down the things that are “must haves” and the things that are “would be nice to have”.  Prioritize the list, share it with your Realtor® and keep it with you as you search. If you make changes, share those with your Realtor, too.

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