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Hopefully the section above has scared you. It should! You do not want to get to the foreclosure stage.  Losing a house to foreclosure can stay on your credit history for up to 12 years and is actually worse than a bankruptcy.

Before you get to that stage, let me come in and see if I can help. If you have received a delinquency notice from your lender, the time to act is now, before they get too far into the foreclosure process.

The time before the sheriff's sale of the property is the best time to try to still sell the property and get completely out from under the debt. It’s a time when you need al the help you can get. Give me a call and let us get involved on your behalf. I’ll work on your behalf with the lender to set a fair market price for the house that is acceptable to them and likely to get the house sold. It’s called a short sale because the sale price is “short” of the amount owed, so the lender has to agree to take the deal. Many lenders would rather try to get the property sold at that time, rather than go all the way through the foreclosure process.

Short sales are not for the faint of heart, either on the sell or buy side. Go to my Short sale Web site - - for more reading and information on help for short sales.

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