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Moving terms - a dictionary of the terminology that movers use, provided by the folks at Olympic Moving in the state of Washinton.

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A word of caution before you start your home improvement project.

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While not directly real estate related, the subject of how to pay for college for the kids can have a big impact on your real estate plans; so, here’s a site to show the kids on how to apply for student loans. Just sayin’.

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How To Buy A House with No Money Down in 2018

Here’s a great article from Bob Wells, a retired HVAC Pro on how to winterize your air conditioner(s).

Space Saving Ideas for Small Home Offices - a guest post by Mr Blinds in Aukland, New Zealand

Home Loan Terms Glossary from the Fiscal Tigers Web site -

Do all of those terms in the mortgage application seem like gobbledygook  to you. Find out what they mean.

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Is a no-closing costs mortgage right for you? - Article from

Here’s a good article about long-distance moving and the best companies to use from the folks at Retirement Living -

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Here’s a site on which to seek legal help with mesothelioma -

Below is a link to a good Home Buyers’ Guide from Quicken Loans

Here’s a link to a good article from the web site that compares companies that transport cars for people who are moving.

Here’s a link to a good article from the web site that compares companies that transport cars for people who are moving.

Consumer Safety Guide was created to keep the public informed about consumer dangers and safety issues associated with numerous products that can cause the public harm.

Did you ever wonder about Rent to Own? You can do that with houses as well as other things. Here’s an infographic to explain - How Rent To Own Works: A Guide - A web site for Mesothelioma victims who need to find a lawyer to fight for their rights

If you need rehab help, here is a site that might provide a lead to that help -

Here’s asite that focuses upon grants to help native americans with financial problems -

A web site with lots of information about the availability of government and private grants for women who need help.